Tejarat Talaee Vocational Technical School

Tejarat Talaee Vocational Technical School, with a license from the Professional Technical Organization No. 23291, is the only specialized training school for export, import and clearance of goods and commercial sciences. The school invites the most professional professors including managers with business experience, former customs employees, professors of Tehran and Isfahan Chambers of Commerce and employees of Samat Organization in training courses.

Tejarate Talaee Commercial Group

We are proud to introduce and export your goods and services to global markets step by step We are proud to introduce and export your goods and services to global markets step by step

What services do we provide?

Clearance services

The most prestigious customs clearance center in the country (Bandar Abbas, Bandar Bushehr, Imam Khomeini Airport, Shahriar Customs, Isfahan Customs)

Tejarat Talaee Commercial Group, using specialists in trade and customs affairs and having the necessary licenses to operate from the customs of the Islamic Republic (transaction card) and a brilliant history and experience of working with traders,   industry owners for more than a decade in the field of export and Import and clearance of all kinds of goods (including industrial parts, plastic parts, medical goods, electronics, handicrafts, stone and glass industries, firefighting equipment and factory raw materials, specialized appliance clearance team, electrical appliance clearance team) .This group has also active partner offices in Istanbul- Turkey and Guangzhou- China, and is proud to clear your goods in the shortest time and with a 24-hour response at the country’s customs.

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Import of goods

Tejarat Talaee Commercial Group with 10 years of brilliant experience in importing production lines including home appliance production lines (gas coolers) as well as importing textile production lines, steel rolling, lead production, chemical production and mask production machines مختلف for various factories in Yazd provinces, Isfahan and Tehran, is ready to provide all related services, including the following.

  • Source sourcing and accreditation of the seller

  • Carrying out purchase negotiations and concluding a purchase and operation contract and technical support

  • Coordination for depositing funds and transporting goods

Export services

Golden Trade Trading Group is proud to introduce and export your goods and services to the world markets step by step. The following is a selection of services that are provided for the export of your goods:

  • Investigating the possibility of exporting the product from a legal point of view and licenses

  • Examining the export history of the product and its process

  • Review of importing countries

  • Check the prices of similar products on the Internet and get the right price for the product for export

  • Check the existing competitors for this product and the possibility of competing with them